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Mark Raynsford Personal Training – Prices

Initial Consultation

£70 (Refunded if you choose us as your PT!) – This includes a health and lifestyle evaluation. We will discuss your aims and goals, and set your mind at rest that you have chosen the right Personal Trainer!

Personal Training

10 sessions –  £700

21 sessions – £1400 

  • Training is 1-to-1, prices are per person, and non-negotiable.
  • Nutritional information and plans are inclusive

6 Week Transformation Package – £3200

  • 6 weeks of PT and MindFit Coaching, up to 3 PT sessions and 1 Coaching Session a week (Fixed Block Package)
  • All required supplements included
  • Drop fat FAST, Boost energy, Focus and mental happiness

Partnered Training

1 session a week – £700 a month

  • Prices above are paid per calendar month.
  • Split the cost, still get GREAT results! Price above is split 2 ways between you and your training partner.
  • Full nutritional support and information included

 MindFit Coaching (Online or in Person)

(Mind & Body Transformation Coaching Online and in Person) –

  • Struggling with Focus, Clarity and Direction on a daily basis? Find you get results, then find yourself yo-yo’ing again for the “next results”? Let me work with you and bring Energy, Direction and Enthusiasm to each day to show you days don’t have to be an uphill slog, and should be full of happiness and productivity. Everything starts in the mind

12 week plan – £3000

(Please contact for a FREE “MOT” call to discuss further)

Downloadable “Results” Ebooks

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1) 21 Day Drop Fat Plan – Document emailed to you every day for 21 days with workout and nutrition plan/info. A tough plan, for immediate results! Expect zero alcohol takeaways etc during this stage! Price on application

2) 4 week Online Coaching & Personal Training – Skype Coaching call once per week, Nutrition plans and information throughout – Price on Application

You will get the nutritional plan and advice I use with my clients, along with a workout designed for you, to use at home or at your local gym (Requires a food diary to be recorded by the client for 1 week prior)

3) Nutritional Consultation – MRPT Nutrition plan, Food diary analysis and feedback, along with supplementaton recommendation – £100

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