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Mark Raynsford Personal Training – Testimonials


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You can’t beat what the clients say…

Charlie lost nearly 2 stones in 8 weeks!!

I started training with Mark, because I wanted to get really fit and lose a lot weight. I have tried many times to lose weight, but I just give up after a couple of days. Mark has motivated me throughout, and with regular sessions and weigh-ins, I was able to keep motivation levels high throughout! I did not know how easy it was going to be, but after losing 7lbs in the first 10days, I knew it could be possible. Having trained with Mark for 8 weeks, I have lost almost 2 stone and feeling a lot fitter. Going back to Uni, I will hopefully be able to continue with my progress. I had great fun training with Mark, with varied sessions every week, and there was always something new, or a different challenge. Overall I had a great time, with great results……Thanks Mark!

[Click here to watch a video of Charlie training with me!]


Ms K Fordham, Bexley-heath (MindFit Coaching)

“I was seriously at rock bottom when I started MindFit.

I learnt how to deal with my anxieties, fears and everyday life in general through a series of simple tasks, challenges and coping mechanisms. Mark brought the direction and clarity to my life that I so badly needed.
I have become a better person, my attitude and the way I look at and deal with things has totally changed, I’m a stronger, braver and happier person now and it’s all thanks to Mark and his Mindfit coaching.”

Laura, Guildford

Awesome Results 🙂
















Mrs K Wakefield, Farnham


“Feeling alive again! Thanks Mark”

























Mr S Trin, Reigate







“Thanks Mark! Dragged me out of sluggish, low energy days, and stuck in bad habits and routines, feeling great again!”

Ms L Carr

“I was honestly sceptical that I could do this, but I’ve loved everything so much and I 100% believe that it has instilled habits, routines and advice that will last me forever! I’ve rarely felt hungry and I now know I snack mainly out of boredom and not hunger! I’ve survived work trips away, staying in hotels, birthday parties, my own birthday and still managed to have fun, stay on plan and make great choices.

Thank you a million times over!! Xx”














Ms N Quayle

Just want to begin by thanking you – it was the best decision to help me kick start healthy eating.
I have never been able to stick to a diet and your food examples and exercise regimes makes it feel like I’m eating more! I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again for helping me make small changes to my lifestyle that will make big differences to my body 🙂









Susie, Farnham

Despite having arthritis in one hip and shoulder, and just 1 PT session a week, Susie has lost over 2 stone in a matter of months!


Mr D Yearsley, Guildford

Dan before and out of shape!—– Dan currently 2 stones downed lean!!

I started training with Mark in January 2010 and haven’t looked back since!

Before starting with Mark I was pretty heavily overweight, very unfit, struggled with self confidence and would even go as far to say ‘hated exercise’! That has all very much changed.

Within a few weeks of training with Mark my weight was dropping in a controlled way and fitness levels increasing, to the point where I can say today they are at an all time high. To date I am over 2 stone lighter and in an almost incomparable physical state.

Before Mark I had tried the Gym memberships and diets, with no real change and was on the verge of giving up. This has, by no means, been a quick fix and has not been easy, but with the excellent motivation and knowledge from Mark, teamed with a lot of self determination anything is possible.

My results speak for themselves and I can safely say this has been the best decision I have ever made. I am a lot happier mentally and have a greatly improved person body image. I have no intension of stopping training any time soon and genuinely can’t wait for my next session. I have even got to the point now where I am running ‘Hellrunner in November and the London Marathon 2011, bring it on!

All I have left to say is what are you waiting for? Give Mark a call you seriously won’t regret it!!


Mr G Allen


Ms L Reeves


Ms K Schorn, Byfleet

2 and a half stone lost in 12 weeks, plus a big change in body shape!












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“I had tried everything gym, slim fast, wii fit, yoga, aqua aerobics the lot and more diets than you can shake a stick at. Each time I convinced myself I had lost weight but after years of trying to lose weight, I had slowly gained more and more.

“I was miserable with myself and hated looking in a mirror or at photos and so after moving back from Australia, turned to something I had not tried before, a Personal Trainer. I looked at loads on-line but Mark’s website, qualifications, knowledge and his friendly, motivating nature, made me feel most comfortable. The holistic approach has changed my eating habits (most of my problem) and I am now more aware of which foods my body can and can’t handle, so I make better choices and never feel hungry.

The PT sessions are great. I was the sort of person that forced themselves to go to the gym 3 times a week (for about 45 mins) on the way home, I used the cross trainers, treadmill, bike and the standard 6 pieces of equipment they showed me on my first visit. I always felt self-concious and so hated doing exercise, when I started to feel tired I would go home. These sessions are fun because no-one is looking at you and you have someone to talk to, who keeps you motivated. Plus every session is different and you know everything you are doing is right and the results speak for themselves.

I never thought I would want to do exercise but I keep going back, and go to bootcamp too (a really great way of shaping up and loosing weight whilst meeting new people)! I also never thought I could be a ‘normal size’, I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and am still losing weight. I don’t mind looking in the mirror and love that I can go shopping and know things will fit and look nice. I am much happier, have lots more energy and have even made some friends along the way. If you don’t think you can loose weight and be healthy and fit, you can. Just look at me, I did it.”

“I started training with Mark in the lead-up to my wedding. – Ok, so the stuff you really want to know is what difference did it make – real proof – well, being quite a tall girl in my mid 20s, I was about 11 stone-ish which translated into a large size 12, sometimes a 14. I trained with Mark for 20 weeks, (and hitting the gym with programs from Mark), I went down to a size 10, had defined muscles and reduced my body fat by over half – pretty good hey?… He changed the way I work out (actually reduced the amount of time I worked out!) and the way that I ate – I eat pretty much every three hours these days. Through Mark I learnt that my past cardio junkie life style wasn’t the right method to lose fat and neither were my various starvation diets. He put me onto a new programme of lifting weights – which I really didn’t want to do – and “clean” eating – no calorie counting, no points, just sensible eating with a few rules. Following Mark’s advice was a real leap of faith for me – and with a definitive amount of time before my wedding – I didn’t want to waste any time. I was very reluctant at first but followed it anyhow and the results were great. It took real hard work on my side, but with the assistance of Mark, my workouts were enjoyable and productive and seeing Mark was certainly the highlight of my week! Each week Mark would change the workout, up the banter and push me to work harder. I’m a real geek and like to know exactly why I am doing something and what benefit it will provide – Mark was like a walking encyclopedia – but an understandable one! The nutrition side was also very important to me and essential to losing the weight. Mark talked to me about the right foods to eat, what to eat less of and what to do without completely. He also advised on supplements for my diet and discussed how my hormones can control your body weight – he identified foods which could counter the thunder thighs effect too – fab.u.lous… Mark is simply lovely – knowledgable, enthusiastic, great banter and became a really good friend. How can you not adore the man who makes you thin? I would highly recommend him to anyone who is attempting to lose weight as he supports you all the way and gives you a kick up the but when you need it. Love him!” [Camilla is being ironic, by “exercising” on the X-Trainer – not one of my favourite exercises!-Mark]

“Since training with Mark, I am now 2 dress sizes smaller, over a stone less in weight and I completed my first 10km run last month (please note the word “first” here – now booked into my second in January!). However, I am still drinking occasional lattes, eating puddings and chocolate now and again (much to Mark’s despair!). Mark has to take all the credit for motivating me and making me exercise harder than I have done in years. He also has the ability to take the pain away by making me laugh, which is some feat when I am lying on an exercise ball holding an incredibly heavy weight over my head. Mark has inspired complete devotion to the exercise cause, every training session over the last year has been different so there has been no chance of getting bored. Even on the coldest, darkest evenings after a shocking day at work, I find myself looking forward to being put through my paces whilst being entertained by Mark. I never believed those people who said exercise could be addictive, it isn’t the exercise, it is having the right personal trainer – thanks Mark!”

“I have always been able to run and keep relatively fit, but my real weakness was upper body strength and toning. I called on Mark to help me with this area where I really struggled, lifting weights would make me feel physically sick, therefore I gave up easily! I am no body builder by any stretch of the imagination, but now I can see huge changes in my arm shape and tone and it feels really good to see these results. Mark has taught me how important it is to vary your workouts and not just stick to cardio training. Mark is always good fun and takes my mind of the pain. He varies our routines so I never become bored with our workouts and the hour flys by. My main reason to choose Mark to train me was that he has a real passion for the healthy lifestyle and sport himself. He competes in duathlons and runs races, and this makes a big difference. He is very knowledgeable in healthy eating and training techniqiues. He even cured me of my stitch problems which I had sufferred with for years in running!! A wealth of information! Strange as it may sound, I really look forward to our workouts!!”

“I’ve been training with Mark for over a year now, and when I first went for my initial session, I was very nervous, and didn’t plan on booking beyond my initial 5 sessions. Well, that thought went within the initial 10 seconds of meeting Mark, who is easily likeable and very friendly. I think this makes Mark stand out as a trainer; not only do you get someone who is very knowledgeable in his field, and continues to keep up to date with it, but he also is someone with enthusiasm and dedication to improving his clients. During the sessions I feel I can chat about almost anything, and often do!! The best I can say is he’ll go out of his way to help you achieve your goals!”

“Okay so you have made the decision that this year is the year to improve your fitness, and are now looking for a personal trainer so here to help you is a summary of what Mark is about. Mark is easy to get along with, knowledgeable with a disposition to take great satisfaction from helping you get what you want. You will find each week a test of what you can do, but to get the most out of each session do not just rely on what Mark has you doing, he is there to offer you encouragement and the exercises, but at then end of the day it is up to you to actually do the work. If you indulge in his ideas and tap into his knowledge you will get the results you want! It does take effort (lots) and honesty (more) on your behalf, but if you want a rewarding experience then Mark should be top of the list! I’ve now lost over a stone in weight, dropped 10% body fat, and gained a considerable amount of lean muscle.”

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