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Personal Training and Partnered Training

 “I know what I should be doing, I’m just not doing it!” is a phrase I hear too often! To rely solely on a few workouts, or a diet to get you results, is a recipe for failure.

Deep down you probably know it’s MORE than just a few workouts you haven’t done, which is contributing to how you possibly look and feel?
Daily life seems to run at 100mph most days, contributing to;
  • High stress levels
  • Poor meal planning and food choices
  • Lack of self focus and ME time

We need to SLOW DOWN, and address our current habits and routines if we are to transform Body, Health and Happiness;

I’ll help you address all 3!

No matter what your goal, Fat Loss, improving energy and sleep, changing body shape, I can help you get the results you are after, by improving both Mind & Body.

Online Training

I get awesome results with people 1-1 online as well, and have done for many years. Providing workouts, meal plans, and accountability, alongside tailored workouts on my mobile app (iPhone or Android!) all the tools needed to have a plan, carry it out, and change habits and routines at the same time for body and health improvements. Check some of the testimonials of my Online clients to show it does work, like Kirsten below!

MindFit Coaching

It’s about starting from the “inside-out” approach after all, your body does what your mind tells it right? Powerful techniques to show you life doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, or as if you’re “driving with the handbrake on” – we’ll use proven coaching skills to peel away old habits, and associate and instil new habits to make a lasting transformation and freedom!

Integrated with my PT Sessions.

19 Day Body Plan

I have run short term, effective online plans as well as long term adjustments.

I have methods to fit every lifestyle!

Kinetic Chain Assessment

Your body works as a movement system, using muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and the nervous sytem, all dependant on each other for optimum performance and stability. Over time, through injury, poor posture, or sedentary jobs, the body will start to fall out of alignment, impacting on the way your body works and moves. This can often be noticed as pain in a certain area, be it continuous or sporadic; back issues, constant headaches, and general tightness. Without addressing the initial root cause of these defects, the body will continue to perform, albeit incorrectly. This places further stress on the body, and continued movement in this way will cause injury. All PT sessions are monitored to improve your movement as well as your body!

Fat Distribution Profiling

Hormones can affect where your body stores excess fat, through dietary and lifestyle changes, we can help you re-balance the unbalanced, and reduce overall and troublesome areas.

Personal Trainer Mentoring

Having years of experience and skills from mentoring, coaching and training with some of the best names in the world, I’ve mentored and coached a number of Personal Trainers to build both their knowledge and their business skills. Improvement is about progression, and this is what I aim to deliver with everyone that works with me. (Contact for details)

Pre and Post Natal Training.

I have helped many post-natal mum’s lose weight, get fitter, and reshape their bodies after pregnancy.

Many mothers find they put on less excess weight during pregnancy whilst exercising, therefore making the post-birth goals quicker and easier. The baby’s health will also benefit from a healthy mother, and so nutrition and exercise are crucial.

Postnatal is often a difficult time in terms of maintaining the commitment to exercise. Getting to know a baby and how to care for the baby is a rewarding experience, but takes a lot of time. The danger is that the new mum will leave herself no personal time in which to exercise. However, from around 6-8 weeks, it is perfectly safe to return to exercise, and achieve the 3 main postnatal goals of: a return to pre-pregnancy weight, a rapid improvement in abdominal tone, and improved body image. We can achieve this around your time with your new addition to the family! I have trained many clients both pre and post natal, with a large number still training to-date after experiencing the benefits, and seeing the results!

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