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“I assist frustrated over 40s with weightloss, increased energy & motivation, through my 22yrs expertise, accountability & proven results” 


Mark Raynsford Personal Training – Testimonials

Phil Spencer, Surrey

I first contacted Mark back in 2017 as I needed some direction improving my fitness and strength, in preparation for a big charity challenge I was undertaking in the spring of 2018. The challenge was an extreme endurance event, it required specific training, and I had never tackled anything like it before. Mark understood what was necessary, really tailored his sessions towards the challenge – while still managing to give plenty of variety throughout what was a fairly intensive period.

I ended up completing the challenge a stone lighter, feeling strong both physically and mentally, and am confident this was a direct result of the huge benefits of Marks PT sessions.

So much so, that I am still working with Mark and training regularly 2.5 yrs later. The sessions remain both varied, as well as fun, and I have now successfully completed the same challenge a 2nd time.

There are 100’s of PT’s out there – but in my experience very few with as much detailed technical knowledge and expertise as Mark. Thoroughly recommended!

C Walker, Guildford

Being a parent can take enough time and focus, throw into that a busy work schedule, and self-focus can fall further down the priority list – let me help!


Andrew, Surrey

Started working with Mark to improve both brain and body – feeling emotionally and physically out of shape, something needed to change to improve all round health for my years ahead.

Kirsten, Surrey

Will, Surrey

Changes to nutrition and training delivering results!


Before & After
You can’t beat what the clients say…

Charlie lost nearly 2 stones in 8 weeks!!

I started training with Mark, because I wanted to get really fit and lose a lot weight. I have tried many times to lose weight, but I just give up after a couple of days. Mark has motivated me throughout, and with regular sessions and weigh-ins, I was able to keep motivation levels high throughout! I did not know how easy it was going to be, but after losing 7lbs in the first 10days, I knew it could be possible. Having trained with Mark for 8 weeks, I have lost almost 2 stone and feeling a lot fitter. Going back to Uni, I will hopefully be able to continue with my progress. I had great fun training with Mark, with varied sessions every week, and there was always something new, or a different challenge. Overall I had a great time, with great results……Thanks Mark!

Lorraine, Surrey

Struggling to lose weight alongside business stress, Mark showed me how to make manageable changes to improve my body and health!



Habits and routines had taken over that weren’t benefiting health and energy, so some changes needed to be made. Now Looking and Feeling Great!

Mr A Ellis, Godalming

Adrian came to me looking to maintain health and fitness, with a running background. Introducing resistance training to his week, we’ve not only shaved off scales weight, excess around the hips, but added some lean muscle and a more ‘solid’ structure, which running alone doesn’t give.
At an in depth medical, Adrain was told, based on his results; “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!” – Love it!

Mr & Mrs P, Tilford, Surrey

We started (and still) joint PT sessions with Mark in May 2018 with quite a lot of trepidation. We both came from a point of almost zero fitness and eating and drinking too much. Mark has been fantastic and realistic in his approach with us. He is so knowledgeable and motivational, and tailors the sessions to meet our individual needs. It has made such a difference to us both not just physically but mentally as well. We have both lost weight (over 1 and a half stone combined!) and changed shape. We still have our relapses but are quick to get back on track again. We might not always feel like going to PT but we always leave feeling so much better! We couldn’t recommend Mark more highly.

Kerrie, Online

Post baby number 2 I wanted to gain control again around my food plans, and stop the need for sugar. After just 3 weeks on Mark’s Body Blitz plan I lost half a stone, and 3 inches from the waist, 2 from the hips and 1 from my arms meaning clothes were fitting better





Juliet, Chiddingfold

I have just completed a course of PT with Mark of one PT session a week, and alongside his advice on nutrition, I’ve lost lost nearly 1 and a half stones, or 19 lbs! Clothes fit again and sleep and energy are much improved. Thank you Mark!


Mark showed me how to make things easier, and proved that weightloss is achievable at any age!

Ms K Fordham, Bexley-heath (MindFit Coaching)

“I was seriously at rock bottom when I started coaching with Mark.

I learnt how to deal with my anxieties, fears and everyday life in general through a series of simple tasks, challenges and coping mechanisms. Mark brought the direction and clarity to my life that I so badly needed.
I have become a better person, my attitude and the way I look at and deal with things has totally changed, I’m a stronger, braver and happier person now and it’s all thanks to Mark and his Mindfit coaching.”

Laura, Guildford

Awesome Results 🙂


Mrs K Wakefield, Farnham

“Feeling alive again! Thanks Mark”



Mr S Trin, Reigate

“Thanks Mark! Dragged me out of sluggish, low energy days, and stuck in bad habits and routines, feeling great again!”

Ms L Carr

“I was honestly sceptical that I could do this, but I’ve loved everything so much and I 100% believe that it has instilled habits, routines and advice that will last me forever! I’ve rarely felt hungry and I now know I snack mainly out of boredom and not hunger! I’ve survived work trips away, staying in hotels, birthday parties, my own birthday and still managed to have fun, stay on plan and make great choices.

Thank you a million times over!! Xx”


Ms N Quayle

Just want to begin by thanking you – it was the best decision to help me kick start healthy eating.
I have never been able to stick to a diet and your food examples and exercise regimes makes it feel like I’m eating more! I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again for helping me make small changes to my lifestyle that will make big differences to my body 🙂


Susie, Farnham

Despite having arthritis in one hip and shoulder, and just 1 PT session a week, Susie has lost over 2 stone in a matter of months!

Mr D Yearsley, Guildford

Dan before and out of shape!—– Dan currently 2 stones downed lean!!

Once I started training with Mark I didn’t look back!

Before starting with Mark I was pretty heavily overweight, very unfit, struggled with self confidence and would even go as far to say ‘hated exercise’! That has all very much changed.

Within a few weeks of training with Mark my weight was dropping in a controlled way and fitness levels increasing, to the point where I can say today they are at an all time high. To date I am over 2 stone lighter and in an almost incomparable physical state.

Before Mark I had tried the Gym memberships and diets, with no real change and was on the verge of giving up. This has, by no means, been a quick fix and has not been easy, but with the excellent motivation and knowledge from Mark, teamed with a lot of self determination anything is possible.

My results speak for themselves and I can safely say this has been the best decision I have ever made. I am a lot happier mentally and have a greatly improved person body image. I have no intension of stopping training any time soon and genuinely can’t wait for my next session. I have even got to the point now where I am running ‘Hellrunner in November and the London Marathon 2011, bring it on!

All I have left to say is what are you waiting for? Give Mark a call you seriously won’t regret it!!

Mr G Allen

Ms L Reeves

Ms K Schorn, Byfleet

2 and a half stone lost in 12 weeks, plus a big change in body shape!

Mrs P B, Milford

After having my third child I took up running to lose weight. All was fine until an injury put pay to my exercise, and I gained 2 and a half stone. After failing with my attempts to get started again, I enlisted the help of Mark……..”10 weeks on I am running twice a week, have completed a 5km Swimathon, booked in a half marathon, and due to do the North Downs 126mile walking challenge! In 8 weeks I have lost 22 lbs and 13″ from around my body including 13.5cm from waist and 8cm from hips!

Mark changed my lifestyle with a comprehensive nutrition plan, daily stretching routine, based on an extensive KCA, and one PT session a week, packed full of laughter, sweat and a few tears! I also attended Bootcamp once per week.

Helping me to change my lifestyle by giving me: a comprehensive nutritional plan, a daily stretching routine specifically designed for me based on a detailed KCA, a one to one extensive work out packed full of laughter sweat and a few tears and a one group Bootcamp workout a week (hard but often very entertaining).

But what makes Mark different is the amount of access you have to his vast knowledge. He was always available to answer questions from what food to eat at the Thai restaurant to how to soothe tired arms after the swim, to advice on supplements to boost my vegetarian diet. These questions often took the form of e-mails day and night, and were always answered within hours if not sooner. It was great to have an expert at my beck and call- priceless!!

I didn’t think it was possible to feel this fit and healthy without pounding the roads for hours and hours a week but Mark now I’m a believer!

Ann-Marie, Milford (BEFORE & AFTER)

“I had tried everything gym, slim fast, wii fit, yoga, aqua aerobics the lot and more diets than you can shake a stick at. Each time I convinced myself I had lost weight but after years of trying to lose weight, I had slowly gained more and more.

“I was miserable with myself and hated looking in a mirror or at photos and so after moving back from Australia, turned to something I had not tried before, a Personal Trainer. I looked at loads on-line but Mark’s website, qualifications, knowledge and his friendly, motivating nature, made me feel most comfortable. The holistic approach has changed my eating habits (most of my problem) and I am now more aware of which foods my body can and can’t handle, so I make better choices and never feel hungry.

The PT sessions are great. I was the sort of person that forced themselves to go to the gym 3 times a week (for about 45 mins) on the way home, I used the cross trainers, treadmill, bike and the standard 6 pieces of equipment they showed me on my first visit. I always felt self-concious and so hated doing exercise, when I started to feel tired I would go home. These sessions are fun because no-one is looking at you and you have someone to talk to, who keeps you motivated. Plus every session is different and you know everything you are doing is right and the results speak for themselves.

I never thought I would want to do exercise but I keep going back, and go to bootcamp too (a really great way of shaping up and loosing weight whilst meeting new people)! I also never thought I could be a ‘normal size’, I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and am still losing weight. I don’t mind looking in the mirror and love that I can go shopping and know things will fit and look nice. I am much happier, have lots more energy and have even made some friends along the way. If you don’t think you can loose weight and be healthy and fit, you can. Just look at me, I did it.”

Nicki, Witley (BEFORE)

Nicki 12 weeks earlier.

“I’ve lost 1 stone and 14″ in 12 weeks! Previously, I had done loads of aerobics classes, gym memberships over the years, but none have given me the results Mark has! I have not had energy levels like this since I was in my 20’s! I am so pleased”

(And looking 10 years younger! – Mark)

Miss C Sell, Guildford

“I started training with Mark in the lead-up to my wedding. – Ok, so the stuff you really want to know is what difference did it make – real proof – well, being quite a tall girl in my mid 20s, I was about 11 stone-ish which translated into a large size 12, sometimes a 14. I trained with Mark for 20 weeks, (and hitting the gym with programs from Mark), I went down to a size 10, had defined muscles and reduced my body fat by over half – pretty good hey?… He changed the way I work out (actually reduced the amount of time I worked out!) and the way that I ate – I eat pretty much every three hours these days. Through Mark I learnt that my past cardio junkie life style wasn’t the right method to lose fat and neither were my various starvation diets. He put me onto a new programme of lifting weights – which I really didn’t want to do – and “clean” eating – no calorie counting, no points, just sensible eating with a few rules. Following Mark’s advice was a real leap of faith for me – and with a definitive amount of time before my wedding – I didn’t want to waste any time. I was very reluctant at first but followed it anyhow and the results were great. It took real hard work on my side, but with the assistance of Mark, my workouts were enjoyable and productive and seeing Mark was certainly the highlight of my week! Each week Mark would change the workout, up the banter and push me to work harder. I’m a real geek and like to know exactly why I am doing something and what benefit it will provide – Mark was like a walking encyclopedia – but an understandable one! The nutrition side was also very important to me and essential to losing the weight. Mark talked to me about the right foods to eat, what to eat less of and what to do without completely. He also advised on supplements for my diet and discussed how my hormones can control your body weight – he identified foods which could counter the thunder thighs effect too – fab.u.lous… Mark is simply lovely – knowledgable, enthusiastic, great banter and became a really good friend. How can you not adore the man who makes you thin? I would highly recommend him to anyone who is attempting to lose weight as he supports you all the way and gives you a kick up the but when you need it. Love him!” [Camilla is being ironic, by “exercising” on the X-Trainer – not one of my favourite exercises!-Mark]

Michele K, Peper Harow, Surrey


“Since training with Mark, I am now 2 dress sizes smaller, over a stone less in weight and I completed my first 10km run last month (please note the word “first” here – now booked into my second in January!). However, I am still drinking occasional lattes, eating puddings and chocolate now and again (much to Mark’s despair!). Mark has to take all the credit for motivating me and making me exercise harder than I have done in years. He also has the ability to take the pain away by making me laugh, which is some feat when I am lying on an exercise ball holding an incredibly heavy weight over my head. Mark has inspired complete devotion to the exercise cause, every training session over the last year has been different so there has been no chance of getting bored. Even on the coldest, darkest evenings after a shocking day at work, I find myself looking forward to being put through my paces whilst being entertained by Mark. I never believed those people who said exercise could be addictive, it isn’t the exercise, it is having the right personal trainer – thanks Mark!”

Miss K Bryceland, Guildford

“When I first started sessions with Mark I was less confident and deeply unhappy with my body. There were lumps and bumps everywhere and I hated the way I looked. When I first met Mark he made me feel completely at ease and I left feeling inspired. His eating plan was easy to follow and gorgeous! I never knew you could lose weight and eat all these foods! Combining this with the personalized training programme I started to see results fast, and soon my clothes were hanging off of me! The sessions pay for themselves in the compliments I get. I have never felt so happy with the way I look as I do now and I owe it to mark! Thank you, mark, for giving me the confidence in myself! I’ve lost over a 14lbs, and 9 inches from my body!”

Ms S Deverall, Godalming

“Mark is a great PT. Not only does he give you challenging work outs, he manages to be totally friendly and fun with it, and supports it all with fantastic diet and nutrition advice. Can’t recommend him enough.”

Rachel – Online Training

“In the last 4 weeks, I’ve lost around 6lbs in fat, 1.5″ around my waist and 1″ from my hips. However, it’s probably really dramatic to say this, but it has changed my life! I was suffering from constant headaches and constant lethargy – after making some of Mark’s nutritional changes, I am no longer suffering as many headaches, I’ve certainly got more energy and no longer am I bloated – it’s great!”

Hannah – Online Training

“In the last 4 weeks, I have lost 3 inches off waist, 1 inch from hips, & 1 inch off thighs. I have learnt so much this last month – not just the obvious stuff on how to shift the pounds but how food can affect every area of our wellbeing. Physical benefits; obviously the loss of weight, but also skin is clearer & smoother, dandruff gone, hair less greasy!! Other benefits – my mood is less erratic, have more energy, my mind is sharper & generally happier – and seem to have more time to do stuff with the kids. Life is good!”

Rebecca Newenham, Guildford, Surrey

“I have been training with Mark since February 2004 following the birth of my 2nd child. He has been a real support in my campaign to regain my fitness levels following childbirth and also during pregnancy. I trained with Mark right up to the week my 3rd child was born, and she was 2 weeks late! Mark always helps me to keep focussed and motivated. Like many people, I have signed up to a number of fruitless gym memberships and a personal trainer was the only answer! I really treasure my sessions with Mark – I can concentrate soley on myself, have a laugh and achieve great results!”

A Brown, Godalming, Surrey

“I have always been able to run and keep relatively fit, but my real weakness was upper body strength and toning. I called on Mark to help me with this area where I really struggled, lifting weights would make me feel physically sick, therefore I gave up easily! I am no body builder by any stretch of the imagination, but now I can see huge changes in my arm shape and tone and it feels really good to see these results. Mark has taught me how important it is to vary your workouts and not just stick to cardio training. Mark is always good fun and takes my mind of the pain. He varies our routines so I never become bored with our workouts and the hour flys by. My main reason to choose Mark to train me was that he has a real passion for the healthy lifestyle and sport himself. He competes in duathlons and runs races, and this makes a big difference. He is very knowledgeable in healthy eating and training techniqiues. He even cured me of my stitch problems which I had sufferred with for years in running!! A wealth of information! Strange as it may sound, I really look forward to our workouts!!”

James Crane, Elstead, Surrey

“I’ve been training with Mark for over a year now, and when I first went for my initial session, I was very nervous, and didn’t plan on booking beyond my initial 5 sessions. Well, that thought went within the initial 10 seconds of meeting Mark, who is easily likeable and very friendly. I think this makes Mark stand out as a trainer; not only do you get someone who is very knowledgeable in his field, and continues to keep up to date with it, but he also is someone with enthusiasm and dedication to improving his clients. During the sessions I feel I can chat about almost anything, and often do!! The best I can say is he’ll go out of his way to help you achieve your goals!”

Adam Westbury, Guildford

“Okay so you have made the decision that this year is the year to improve your fitness, and are now looking for a personal trainer so here to help you is a summary of what Mark is about. Mark is easy to get along with, knowledgeable with a disposition to take great satisfaction from helping you get what you want. You will find each week a test of what you can do, but to get the most out of each session do not just rely on what Mark has you doing, he is there to offer you encouragement and the exercises, but at then end of the day it is up to you to actually do the work. If you indulge in his ideas and tap into his knowledge you will get the results you want! It does take effort (lots) and honesty (more) on your behalf, but if you want a rewarding experience then Mark should be top of the list! I’ve now lost over a stone in weight, dropped 10% body fat, and gained a considerable amount of lean muscle.”

Miss J Potter, Godalming, Surrey

“Mark is a fantastic motivator! He actually makes me want to get out of bed in the morning which is no mean feat! Mark has helped me gain a real sense of achievement. I can’t thank him enough!”

Miss S Botley, Surrey

“Training with mark has so inspired me – he has got me motivated and help me achieve my goals. He is good fun to work with and also very knowledgeable about nutrition.”

Ms N Else, Milford, Surrey

“If someone can make working out good fun then they are doing a great job in my book! Mark makes me laugh during the training sessions and manages to take my mind off the pain I am enduring! He makes each session unique, tailored to my needs and combines a mix of hard work with fun. The results show for themselves – I feel healthier, fitter and generally better about myself, can’t imagine what I did without him. Thanks Mark!”

Mrs C Thorn, Cobham, Surrey

“Mark takes his work seriously; he knows his stuff, and he’s professional, but he leavens all he does with a relaxed air that simply puts you at ease. It’s a tough business, getting fit and trying to lose weight, Mark monitors and encourages all the way. He changes routines and circuits to keep it interesting, and more than anything, he applies a natural wit and intelligence to everything he does. I train with Mark two to three times a week – if he didn’t have these qualities, and if he didn’t make it fun, I would very quickly be bored and I’m certainly not that! I can recommend Mark wholeheartedly.”

Ms R Cropper, Claygate, Surrey

“Mark knows exactly how far to push you to get the maximum benefit from your session without making the time you spend training too horrific! I am really pleased with the results I have achieved in the three months, finally getting to under 11st for the first time in over 2 years! It also helps that he is a thoroughly decent bloke who is really down to earth. I couldn’t rate him highly enough – he really knows his stuff”

Ms S Barker, Shalford Surrey

“I was shocked and happy yesterday when I went shopping and found that clothes I was trying on were in a smaller size! Not only that but I was trying on things I would normally never put on this body! It really made me feel good, and of course I wouldn’t have achieved these changes without your guidance so thought it only fair to let you know and say “thanks” for your help!”

Mr N Briscoe, Cobham, Surrey

“Mark has managed, against all odds, to keep me motivated and even to look forward to the sessions. During the training sessions themselves he has pushed me a lot harder and further than I could have managed myself, but has kept me in good humour throughout. However I don’t ever want to see a wobbly balance platform again! I am fitter than I have been in many many years, and I even look forward to going out for a run 2-3 times a week. Many thanks to Mark.”

Ms B Laity, Farncombe, Surrey

“I credit Mark with re-introducing me to the benefits of regular exercise. I’d made sure and let him know that ‘I don’t do running’ however, Mark armed with ever cheerful and positive personality and varied, fun workouts soon had me managing bursts of road running – in public! Very quickly I achieved the results I wanted and improved my fitness levels and self-motivation and perhaps more importantly my sense of well-being. Thank you Mark.”

Mrs S Kimber, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey

“I have found Mark to be inspirational in my attempts to regain my fitness levels and to lose weight. He is an excellent motivator. His knowledge and understanding of personal fitness and nutrition is second to none… Each session is well planned and structured according to individual goals and targets. And he is sooooo cute!!!! (Ahem…..unfortunately, exercise has impaired Sharon’s vision!!!! – Mark)”

Ms. P King, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey

“Back in Jan, my friend and I sat in her kitchen feeling very fat and unfit after the christmas period. We talked about how we could rectify this and decided to try a personal trainer. We were given Marks number, so before we changed our minds, we rang him to arrange an assessment. Mark came along to my house and spent 2 hours pulling and pushing, measuring, and weighing us! After which we arranged our first session!! We arrived at the gym, to find Mark had compiled a plan to suit both of us. I have some disabilities which Mark took into account, and slowly but surely we began our journey to fitness. We are now 6 months along that journey, and the things we have achieved are amazing. Even with my disabilities, Mark has me running, rowing, cycling and weight lifting. The running in particular is something I NEVER thought I could do! Mark has made every session, both fun and interesting…so come on don’t just think about it, do like we did and make the call….you wont regret it!!!!”

Mrs N Richards, Guildford, Surrey

“I had always lacked the motivation to exercise and as a result was very unfit and out of shape. After only 12 hour-long sessions with Mark, I cannot believe the difference that regular exercise has made. I have progressed from being able to run for less than a minute to completing a 5km charity run in a respectable 32 minutes. Thanks to Mark, I actually enjoy exercising now, which after disliking it for 37 years is quite an achievement! I am now more toned, fitter and have a lot more energy. Mark is friendly, sociable and encouraging. He makes each session interesting and varied – walking, running, boxing, weights etc. I am looking forward to continuing training with Mark, my next goal being a 10km run.”

Ms C Attridge, Hampton

“Mark is fun to work with & always comes up with varied & interesting workouts that provide a challenge. He got me in great shape for my wedding in just three months, making a huge difference to my fitness along the way. I can do things now (including full press-ups), that I never thought I would be able to do. I’ve also just completed a 5k run (admittedly I didn’t run the whole thing !), but when I first met Mark I was adamant that the one thing he would never get me doing was running. It hasn’t been easy – there have been plenty of aches & pains along the way, but it has been much more enjoyable (& the results better) than working out on my own in the gym.”

Mr B McHallum, Farncombe, Surrey

“My sessions with Mark are very tough, and he really gets me working hard! However, at the end of each session I feel so much better, and have a sense of real achievement. Mark is both very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable – combining the two to ensure the workouts are always enjoyable! I would recommend Mark to anyone that does not have the determination to reach their fitness goals by themselves.”

Ms V Kingston, Woking, Surrey

“With summer approaching, like a lot of people, I felt it was time to shed a few pounds for my summer holiday. I was introduced to Mark as someone who was very enthusiastic and aware of peoples differing capabilities. Mark set out a personal programme for me which changed every few sessions, introducing new and different exercises to work on those “problem areas” but keeping up my general level of fitness in a fun and exciting way which kept my interest going. Mark is a very sociable person and was always willing to have a good chat while I was pacing away on a run or between exercises when I needed a break! I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Mark as he made me feel I was capable of a lot more than I thought I was.”

Mrs E Challen, Send, Surrey

“My husband and I needed to get into shape for our wedding this past summer. Mark was brilliant at getting us both motivated as we were both in pretty bad condition having done little exercise for some time. He took an overall view of our lives and helped us find ways to change any unhealthy lifestyle habits – without too much pain and misery! We found Mark to be sympathetic to our needs, not too demanding and very approachable. We achieved great results which is why we would recommend him to anyone looking for a good personal trainer.”

Ms Sivyour-Toft, Camberley, Surrey

“I have been very impressed with the quality of service provided by Mark. Every workout has been made unique, to fit in with the type of things I enjoy. They are are always good fun…….not often that you can say that about a work out! Mark is extremely approachable and very friendly. Anyone who can help me drop a dress size over the last few months must be a miracle worker!”

Miss D Jolly, Guildford

“After having my baby, Mark has given me the motivation to get back into shape! He has helped me lose weight with enjoyable sessions and nutritional information – Thankyou!”

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